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ABCSOUPGANG.COM is a USMC veteran owned company.  Our mission is promote the values of individual freedom.  We stand for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Cool T-Shirts.  Our products are for independent thinkers; they are intended to be entertaining and provocative. Our world view is libertarian and like Comedy Central's South Park, there are no sacred cows we will not mercilessly slaughter for sport or amusement.

We make fun of political correctness (Cultural Marxism), idiotic & corrupt alphabet soup institutions/organizations (both public & private), politicians, all of the Isms that are inimical to freedom; socialism, communism, fascism etc. We recognize no limits to creative expression, if we find something compelling or amusing whether political or not, controversial or not, we will run with it. Our desire is to simply to bring funny and thought provoking designs to market at competitive prices to help proliferate the message of freedom and to give back to worthy causes in thanks for the gifts bestowed upon us by the miracle of free enterprise. (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness) as well as to mock/ridicule threats to liberty from political correctness to corrupt, out of control institutions and isms (cultural marxism, statism, socialism, crony capitalism) to name a few, with entertaining and provocative products.


We hope that you enjoy our designs and find something that you would love to wear!


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